Digital image retouching has become a pillar of creative services. The usefulness of retouching in the professional world goes far beyond just photoshopping. The goal in digital retouching is to reasonably and ethically enhance image quality. Retouching, especially high-end, requires huge experience, insight and a years of practice.  

What is retouching, post production or editing?

So, the term retouch implies the act of improving the appearance of an image but when we talk about photography in terms like retouching, photo editing or post production, we can easily get confused. Even though all of this actually is related to image manipulation, sometimes it’s not the same thing. What outcome you should expect from your photography or photo retouching service?

Photo editing

Photo editing is the basic adjustment of the photos where images are getting cropped or having the exposure or colour temperature corrected. Please note that the term photo editing is sometimes used interchangeably with photo retouching. Moreover, some of the photographers state that editing is the process of filtering out the raw files from the photo session and narrowing down the gallery to the best images, although actually this is called culling – a process of finding the keepers and discarding the undeliverable images.

Photo retouching

Photo retouching means the elimination of all the imperfections from a photo, which usually includes brightness, contrast and saturation changes, colour and tone correction, blemishes, wrinkles and eye-bags removal. Apart from it, the photo retouching process sometimes also involves airbrushing, which means removing certain elements from the background or adding the elements that initially weren’t in the photo.

Photo enhanching

Photo enhancing usually means improving the overall style and look of the image. For example, changing the colour scheme or toning. Usually, enhancing is done after the retouching in order to make all of the images from the event create a certain mood or feel and make sure the colours are consistent within the gallery.

All of this above basically is post production or post processing. It includes performing any changes in the photos after taking them.

What we offer

We retouch, enhance, optimize and restore the images, as well as create visual content by photo editing and manipulation. We use Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom and Capture One Pro in our workflow and we are always following highest standards for quality. 

Please note that the meaning of each type of post-production services can vary. Therefore, you would need to consult with us to find out what changes exactly will be made on your photos.


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